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 WooCommerce Support for Online Stores

We provide support services for WooCommerce and WordPress platforms for almost 3 years. Combined with our backgrounds in WordPress management and Google expertise, we have helped organisations and businesses process thousands of sales through WooCommerce software.

Automated, Scalable, Secure, Efficient.



What is WooCoomerce? How can I use it?

WooCommerce is a ecommerce plugin for the world’s most popular CMS (content management system). The combination of both systems allows websites to handle high volume of traffic, be found by Google via SEO of blog posts and web pages, appear in Social Media and gives a rich shopping experience to its customers.

There are abundant possibilities with the WooCommerce since there are over 400 extensions. So what is possible?

  • For sporting clubs – make it easy to sell club merchandise to club members. Eliminate phone calls, emails, custom directions and forms. Give your members a familiar method to purchase club uniforms or supporters kit. Create product bundles for your members, sell events and skills training program. Use payment gateways such as Stripe, Paypal or Eway and volunteers/committee members will never have to handle credit card numbers – Keep things secure and safe.
  • For wholesalers or distributors – create a new sales channel for your business by selling goods direct and ship to order. Display your goods and allow shoppers to select sizes, colours and other attributes. Extend functionality to include functions such as members discounts, scale shipping costs based on weight or order value, creates sales give coupons to loyal customers and integrate WooCommerce with CRMs and newsletter services.
  • For retailers – extend your store to beyond bricks and mortar. Allow your shopper to purchase good outside of store hours. Display stock that may still be in the storeroom or non-seasonal goods that may have become relevant due to the shoppers circumstance (travel, gift or special event).

Use WooCommerce Support services to grow your business and revenue.

WooCommerce Projects to Date

  • Provide WooCommerce Support Services which included installing SSL, payment gateway Eway, fix WooCommerce install, installed WooCommerce Membership for a Winery in Victoria. Result – automated sales, combined blog, events, social media and ecommerce into one website.
  • Designed an online store and provided WooCommerce services for the largest local football club in NSW, resulting in almost 1,000 sales of Merchandise, Soccer programs and events in one year. WooCommerce enhancements including Stripe, Composite Products, Product Addon,  Smart Coupons, WooCoomerce Bookings
  • Designed and implemented standard WooCommerce shops for two other organisations which have resulted in immediate sales.
  • Always providing WooCommerce Support. We are Experienced and trusted. Because we are based in Australia we know how to configure WooCoomerce for Australian businesses. We have always generated a positive result.

WooCommerce Support – What do we fix?

WooCommerce Installation

WooCommerce Support | WordPress Support
We install WooCommerce and configure settings such as:

  • GST
  • Payment Gateways – Stripe, Eway, PayPal
  • Shipping and local pickup options
  • Product variations (size and colour)
  • Email – Send order, send invoice, notify supplier
  • Notices – Store wide notices and cart notices
  • Enable Coupons

Security and SSL

SSL for WooCoomerce Support

We can configure SSL on your website. It is a requirement for most payment gateway such as Paypal, Stripe or Eway. We can also make sure that the green padlock appears in the address bar increasing buyer confidence and likelihood to purchase.

Online Stores are targets of automated hacking, we install systems in place to safeguard your website. With our monthly monitoring service we can give your website more protection.

Fix WooCommerce

Netology | Fix WooCoomerce and provide support

We are often called in to resolve issues with WooCommerce. Installation by a DIY or inexperienced practitioner is the number 1 reason why things go wrong. It is best to have an experienced WooCommerce Ninja to fix issues.

Let us help configure WooCommerce,  so you can expand your business as soon as possible. Don’t let poor configuration of WooCommerce hold your business back, hire a Ninja to get the job done.

How Do We Make WooCoomerce Work Better?

WooCommerce Extensions

Netology | WooCommerce Support for Extensions

WooCommerce can be very powerful when coupled with Extensions. There are over 390 different extensions. Knowing Which Extension to use is the biggest challenge. And knowing how to configure and make WooCommerce Extensions work is the next.

Netology has lots of experience supporting WooCommerce Extensions. Our research and documentation first approach, means that you will get the right extensions.


One of the first things we do is Integrate Google Analytics, Search Console and AdWords with WooCommerce. Internet Search is dominated by Google so it makes sense to integrate with Google tools.

We can enhance WooCommerce by integrating it with CRMs, Reporting for sales performance, site visits/revisits, mobile browsing, geographic location, etc. Provide analytics on product performance, cart abandonment, etc.

Managing WooCommerce

Managing WooCommerce

Just like a Physical Store, there are a lot of processes involved, such as stock management, order processing, order cancellations, credit card rejections. Because we have managed stores, we can give you real advice on how to manage WooCommerce.

We can configure WooCommerce to suit your business operations, so your store can run smoothly. We can manage technical tasks such as backups, image optimisation, etc.

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