The Balmain Football is one of the biggest football (soccer) clubs in Sydney with over 2,500 registered players. Interestingly, Tim Cahill (Australia’s most decorated striker) made his debut as a player here.

Netology is helping the club revamp their website and provide technology solutions to help improve their processes and information management needs. There are no full-time staff, so the technology needs to be intuitive, robust and it must work on a variety of platforms.



Events Plugin

November is player trial month; talented junior players around NSW trial for teams. With soccer being the fastest growing sport in Australia, clubs have been inundated with registrations request. Managing and streamlining this process is a huge task hence the need for a registration portal, designed to track, sort and automate things as much as possible.


Events Calendar Plugin

Netology was asked to build a trial registration system to meet a very tight deadline. We wanted to give each registrant clear instructions of where the trial was being held (so we included a map), time and date (we allowed integration into Google Calendar and Outlook) and give registrant the opportunity to give us useful information like preferred playing position.

The system will built would eventually expand to an ecommerce shop selling merchandise, so we designed and implemented a system using the following ecommerce components:

1.      Woocommerce core,

2.      Woocommerce Events Calendar plugin,

3.      Woocommerce Events Calendar tickets,

4.      Woocommerce Checkout addons,

5.      A bunch of other plugins to make the task easier


Each registration received a unique ticket complete with details, such as:


1.      A scheduled date and time which could integrate with Google Calendar and Outlook

2.      A map of the venue

3.      The ability to enter particular information about the player such as preferred foot (L, R, Both) playing position as an end process of the registration.

The portal is a success !

WooCommerce Experts

We used our expertise in WooCommerce to create a workable solution.

If you have another challenging project for Netology using Woocommerce, Shopify or just WordPress in general, reach out to us and we can give you a hand.

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