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Attention: Beware of Black Hat SEO techniques

If you have been shopping for SEO services, chances are you might have come across the unbelievable deal of “Guaranteed number 1 ranking within 10 days with 300 backlinks and 20,000 social signals for $5.00”. This is Black Hat SEO and Google does not like it. Question – Does Black Hat SEO work?, Answer – Yes, BUT you increase the chances of Google Penalizing your website and being de-indexed by Google.

Once your website is de-indexed, the website is considered DEAD and CANNOT be revived. A huge impact on your business. The best solution if this occurs is to change your website address which will affect your business.

By the way, the image above depicts the Panda Algorithm change by Google Search program. One of the most famous updates to Google so far. It was designed to de-rank websites with bad content (copied content, keyword stuff content, hidden keywords etc.). Thousands of websites were affected, read the aftermath by SearchEngineLand

Unfortunately, the SEO Service is tainted, fo the business owner it can be hard to differentiate what is a Good service and what is a Bad service, so here is a quick guide.

  1. Black Hat  – Highly automated, uses factors such as false links, false traffic to manipulate factors to rank websites. As Google detection systems get better it increases the chances of websites using these methods of getting penalised.
  2. Grey Hat – Uses a blend of black hat and white hat techniques
  3. White Hat – Predominantly manual methods are used and requires time and effort. The advantage of this method is that it brings Real Traffic and therefore, Real customers

Here are some facts you should know about White Hat SEO

  • It predominantly inbound marketing focused
  • It is a process rather than being an instant fix
  • It relies more on Online Strategy rather than just technical SEO
  • It is actually more powerful than Black Hat (BH) because it brings long-term results
  • Black Hat relies on lots of links, fake traffic and fake social media traffic, White Hat SEO method do not
  • White Hat  is not easy because it requires that the specialist keep up with the changes made in Google Search

Whether you have accidently used a turn around a previous service that you have used before or you are looking to start your website with the best practice. Please Reach Out and contact us. We would love to have a chat.

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