What is SSL and HTTPS?

And What Are Benefits to Your Business?

A Non-Tech Guide to Converting Your Website to HTTPS

(No Techie Lingo beyond the acronyms, I promise)

  • What is the SSL and HTTPS Combination?
  • What are the 4 Options for purchasing SSL Certificates for your business
  • Why is HTTPS is so Important to your business
  • Why your business will lose revenue if you don’t convert your website to HTTPS?
  • How will HTTPS improve your Google Search Ranking?
  • How to convert your website to HTTPS in 3 simple steps


Why Your Website Needs SSL / HTTPS 

  • To Keep Input Data Secure (Contact forms, Passwords, Payments)
  • To Gain Trust with your visitors (the first step to becoming a customer)
  • SEO – SSL / HTTPS is an SEO Ranking factor
  • Compliance – Google Chrome and other browsers will start to highlight NON-SSL websites as NOT Secure
  • It will become industry standard practice to have SSL / HTTPS  in 2018

Netology provides the following services

Advice on Web Hosting and SSL

  • We can save you up to $500 on Multiple SSL
  • We can advise on on the best SSL certificate type for your business
  • Audit your web hosting and website performance
  • Act as a liasion with webhosting company during SSL Installation


WordPress Website Conversion to SSL / HTTP

  • Update plugins
  • Backup of website
  • Audit Report on all static pages
  • Redirect all http to https for better SEO
  • Test and remediate all pages


Google Measurement Systems

  • Reconfigure Google Analytics (measures website traffic) for https://
  • Change Google Search Console (A webmaster tool to measures how many searches find your website)
  • Link Google Analytics to Google Search Console 
  • Change Google My Business to link to https://
  • Review and changes to Adwords if needed.

Request a Free Consultation – Website SSL

Will can help you with:

  • Website Optimisation – Website SSL and HTTPS Remediation
  • Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Adwords, Google My Business
  • Improving SEO

Make improvements to increase your business

Get advice from a fully qualified specialised professional.