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One of the favourite services of our business is “website redesign” because we always create better results for the client – “more leads” and better SEO. Most business owners and web developers forget to prioritise SEO and lead generation as one of their primary objective during the design and build phases. Most of the effort is on focus is on the design features such as UX (User Experience) design and UI (User Interface Design). “SEO design” gets the back seat. Unfortunately, many websites end up as pretty “brochureware”, or “just a website” and generate no leads. This is where Netology can come in and help transform the website into a Lead Generation and SEO Ranking Machine.

Background – Netology’s primary business is Search which includes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM – Google Ads), Local SEO and anything else related to the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) showing a result. However, when we started working with clients there was usually one big issue,  the website, the designer/developer did not build the website to be “SEO Friendly”, so the website is never going to rank despite running intensive SEO Campaign. Google is not going to allow it because of technical issues. It is a bit like charting an ocean journey in a leaky boat; we have to fix the leaky boat first. This is why we became a website redesign agency that focuses on fixing design flaws that causes SEO Issues.

Case Study - Website Technology Upgrade & Redesign

SEO Website Redesign - BeforeSEO Website Redesign - After
website redesign SEO

Before: The website was built on a Typo3, a  CMS that has very little market share, industry resources and marketing technology.

There were also issues with the website including no ssl (secure link), CTA (Call to Action) placement, content, etc. With the technology lock-in, and the lack of finding resources with the applicable skillsets, the issues were hard to fix. The issues remained outstanding for months.

The website was also generating very few leads for the business.

After: We rebuilt the website using WordPress and addressed all of the issues with the last design, we also added some “conversion-based” sections and, added some lead tracking technology to the website.

The changes from a design point of view were minimal. There was limited budget, so we allocated most of the budget to the technology upgrade. However the results from just the subtle changes were outstanding.


✅ Within a fortnight we had an immeditate increase in leads by 300%
✅ Google ranking as a result of better SEO structure
✅ New website works much better with Google Ads
✅ The business was able to grow as a result
✅Easy Lead tracking and conversions
✅Extremely happy client with a growing business

Some of Our Other Website Redesign Projects

Website Redesigns for Business Websites

Website Redesigns for Medical Industry

  • Dr Naveen Somia
  • Various as a subcontactor to other agencies for other medical clients

Some Of Our SEO Results

SEO for Home Builders
SEO Measured by SEMRUSH

Vanstyn Constructions

Project: Website Rebuild - SEO Design

Results: Keywords on Page#1 = 17


SEO for Builders
SEO Measured by SEMRUSH

Bardera Constructions

Project: Website Rebuild - SEO

Results: Keywords on Page#1 = 20


SEO for Plastic Surgery
SEO Measured by SEMRUSH

Dr Naveen Somia

Project: Website Re-Design - SEO

Results: Keywords on Page#1 = 94


Reasons to Redesign Your Website

These are some of the reasons why business owners design their website. But in most case only a few reasons matter

  1. They are tired of how the website looks
  2. The business owners want to Improve the look of the website
  3. They want to add more technical features to the website
  4. Found a “better something better” than WordPress
  5. To keep up with the “Jones”
  6. Improve the website better for lead generation
  7. Solving Technical Issues – such as better Mobile experience
  8. Making the website Search Engine Friendly

At Netology, we prioritise

✅ Solving Technical Issues
✅ Lead Generation Design

These will always be the primary areas of focus when we undertake a redesign project. This “stage 1” lays the foundation for the website success going forward. Having a good technology foundation allows for unlimited design and marketing technology options.

In many cases, we have found that a complete redesign is NOT necessary, which saves our clients on development time and costs. Instead, we focus on improving the 3 core areas mentioned above, and still bring better results for the business.

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Website Designs That Are NOT SEO Friendly (SEF)

The number one reason why website cannot rank is Search Engine Un-Friendliness due to the website template and technology.

  • Bad website URL setup and poor WordPress configuration
  • Having a website template design & technology dictates SEO performance
  • Design limitations that restrict content because the template uses fixed section sizes
  • The website template does not support the latest version of WordPress (that cheap template is now becoming very expensive!)
  • The developer has made code changes to the commercial website template, so it is no longer supported and cannot be upgraded
  • Poor integration with other WordPress plugins such as SEO, Measurement tools, Lead generation, Security
  • “Hard Coded” templates where a developer is required to change functionality of website
  • Heading Styling – elements such as logos, phone numbers as styled as headings


Useful SEO Tools To Find Out If you Need a Redesign

Free Website SEO Analysis

Free SEO Analysis

Our Free SEO checker will instantly scan your website and produce a Free SEO Analysis Report.

Website Speed Test Tools

Free Website Speed Analysis

Here are a set of tools we use on a daily basis for conduct our website speed tests & analysis

SEO ROI Calculator

SEO ROI Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate how much web traffic you need to attract new clients for your business. 

Our Website Redesign Plan – without losing SEO

Each website situation is a bit different but these are the most common elements of our plans

  1. Server and Technical Optimisation – we look at tweaking things like the server memory, technical environment – ssl, php, server security, etc. A fundamental skillset to further SEO is webmastering.
  2. Record SEO Data – we record the current rankings and SEO information for each web page such as Meta Description, Headings and content. This information will be used later on during the rebuild process.
  3. Upgrade the website to a WordPress Page Builder – We recommend using either Divi or Elementor (the world’s two most popular page builders). These two page builder tools allow us to (re)create any web design and maximise the web design for lead generation. Because these two page builders have so much commercial success, there are constant product improvements, and support should never be an issue. Millions of websites use these two page builder technologies.
  4. Start Design and Build Process –  followed by backing up the current website and create a working archive of the website (for reference). Page builders allow us to build website in weeks not months (in most cases – depending on design complexity and content).
  5. We Recreate Each Page including SEO properties – and preserve website ranking by restoring SEO elements such as URL, Heading, Meta Description, Images etc. We take particular care to preserve website ranking. We are often hired by other agencies to take care of this particular process for them.
  6. We then setup a dedicated project in SEMRUSH for your website – this allows us track your website ranking, find other ranking opportunities, make constant SEO improvements to the website. We also send signals to Google Search Console, Optimise Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager for a fully integrated system.
  7. Optimise AdWords – If you have opted for this option as well, we will also build landing pages and integrate your website with a lead generation system for quick leads
Divi Page Builder - Web design & Redesign

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Website Redesign - Elementor

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SEO & Website Ranking Tool - SEMRUSH

Search Marketing tool suite for improving online visibility and discovering marketing insight. Used by thousands of search professional worldwide.

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