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Website Ranking - NetologyAttention: SEO Professionals Rank Websites, Web Developers Do Not.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization Professionals are specialists. At Netology, we have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to organically rank a website. We also have the skills to “repair” websites and fix SEO problems.

The Google Search Engine is very dynamic. There are about 200 website ranking factors, so knowing which factors to start working on first is a real issue. At Netology we allocate approximately 3-6 hours/week on SEO Education and News to keep up to date. We also have investments in a number of Premium SEO tools such as SEMRUSH, Source Hunter, Moz and other professional tools (not open to the public). These tools give Netology the edge when it comes to activities such as competition analysis, ranking strategies and keyword choice. One reason why we will always outperform DIY-ers, Web Developers and Amateurs.

Ranked number #1 in Google

  • “driving lessons penrith”
  • “driving instructor penrith”
  • “driving school penrith”

for our client

It takes more than just a page on google these days to compete with other business so having Nick use his experience and knowledge has been great experience.

As we were impressed with Nick have him undertaking another website build for another business of ours. We would certainly recommend Netology and having a talk with Nick, at least you will the correct information and advice the first time and fantastic ongoing support. Thanks very much for all the effort”.

Geoff Wheatley

Penrith Driving School

Some Of Our SEO Results

SEO for Home Builders
SEO Measured by SEMRUSH

Vanstyn Constructions

Project: Website Rebuild - SEO Design

Results: Keywords on Page#1 = 17


SEO for Builders
SEO Measured by SEMRUSH

Bardera Constructions

Project: Website Rebuild - SEO

Results: Keywords on Page#1 = 20


SEO for Plastic Surgery
SEO Measured by SEMRUSH

Dr Naveen Somia

Project: Website Re-Design - SEO

Results: Keywords on Page#1 = 94


Here are some facts you should know about Website Ranking:

  • It takes time to rank a website
  • It starts off with having a well-structured website
  • Website ranking is language specific. It is important to have a native speaker rank your website
  • Experience with Google services such as Google Analytics and Search Console is very important
  • It normally takes regular activity to climb the rankings; aged ranking normally degrades over time
  • The effort needed to rank a website is dependent on lots of factors – competition, Keyword difficulty, subject matter, etc
  • There is a measurement used in the industry called “Domain Authority” (DA) which measures the likelihood of website ranking. It takes time to build DA but we can do it quicker than most.

We have a free tool which will analyze the SEO fitness of your website – SEO Analysis tool. Fill out the form below and we can run a free analysis of your website and fix one small problem of your website for FREE. No obligation.

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