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Webmaster Services

The term “webmaster” is a job title that is not well known in outside the web industry. It refers to a person well versed in web technology who can optimise website performance. Think of it as the “Macgyver” of Web. They perform tasks that will help your website perform better with Google.

Webmasters review & fix configuration settings. These are not “development tasks” or ‘building tasks” and are tasks often missed during website launch.

If you don’t webmaster you can easily waste time, effort & money operating your website. 

Digital Marketing Optimisation

Webmaster Service

Webmastering Is Its Own Specialist Skill”

It is not web development, It is not just Google Ads or Search or Analytics or Google Tag Manager. A webmaster requires good skillsets in several disciplines to make make your digital marketing efforts works better.



Google Analytics & Tag Manager

You can’t improve what you don’t measure”

The self-guided/default setup for Google Analytics is rarely enough. You need an experienced Analytics Specialist to take things to the next level. Coupled with Google Tag Manager your web measurement will be supercharged.


Lead Generation Systems

Lead Generation Systems

“You have systems for your business, but what about a lead generation system?”

We plan out the steps to convert your goals into executable lines of activities. We know how to build lead generation systems that your customers will love and want to engage with.

Website Tuneup

Build a website like a digital marketer and optimise lead generation”

We like websites that converts visitors into leads & sales. We often fix technical issues, or address conversion rate optimisation issues, to transform websites into becoming lead generation machines.



Connect Digital Marketing Systems

Connect Marketing Systems 

The sum should always be greater than the parts”

Marketing systems that are Not connected are just silos. We connect and create valuable intelligence between systems, the end result will be a powerful multiplier. We use the power of leveraging.



Hubspot CRM Consultiting

Track and Nurture

Most buyers will NOT take action immediately, so it is best to track and nurture the lead”

If you sell a high-ticket items, chances are visitors will take their time before making a decision. So you need to track and nurture these high-ticket leads, before they slip away. We can create systems and automation to take care of the nurturing process for you.


Example of Webmaster Tasks
  • Web hosting environment settings – examples: PHP Version, Allocated Web Server memory allocation, Email SPF settings (so email from web setting is not tagged as SPAM), etc
  • WordPress – Security, Anti-Spam, Caching, backups, website speed etc
  • Google setup – Google Analytics – Advanced configuration, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console and domain verification, etc
  • Google to website integration – Measure real-time traffic, verify search traffic, verify goals and conversions
  • WordPress  – setup or get involved with setting up conversions, events etc.
Benefits of Webmastering
  • Faster & Optimised Website
  • Secure and Spam Free website
  • Options for Website tracking
  • Integration between websites and marketing systems


How come I have never heard of webmastering?

Normally webmastering is a one-time or an infrequent service, that is perrformed just before the website launch or a new AdWords campaign.

Unfortunately it is not an attractive career path for most professionals since the work is irregular and takes a relative short amount of time unlike other profesions such as web design or web development.


Who normally performs the webmaster tasks (when there is no webmaster)?

It can be a combination of members from Web Developers, Project Managers, SEO Professionals, Adword professionals. But because the tasks are performed by specialists in their own area, the quality of work is normally inconsistent or incomplete.

A better way would be to have a webmaster versed in all areas, eg understands WordPress and Google Analytics (Advanced level) to provide a better and complete service.


Google Data Studio

We create powerful focus reports using Google Data Studio. Some of the past reporting features that we have created for our clients include:

  1. Ecommerce Dashboards
  2. Top 25 Selling Products (customisable by date)
  3. Most Profitable Source of Traffic
  4. Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
  5. Youtube Statistics
  6. Landing Page Statistics
  7. Top Adword Campaigns

Data Sources Catered For

Data Studio Clients



Let’s Do Something  Together!

Let us assist you with  the technical aspects of Digital Marketing. You will benefit by having a much better measurement systems, landing pages that converts and reporting systems. Improve your overall conversion funnel. 

We can start on an issues that will give you immediate benefit and grow your business from this starting point.


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