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How to Get Your Business Found By Google !

Most Digital Marketers have SEO your website as one of their main strategies. While we agree that SEO should be a Medium-Term to Long-term strategy, it is not the only option. You should be leading with gaining trust from Google before you start trying to rank your website. At Netology we are introducing a new service called [ Verify My Business ]. This primary involves:

  • Verifying your business with Google My Business (GMB) so you become trusted by Google
  • Optimizing your GMB beyond what your competitors are doing so you can get found
  • Integrate other Google Services such as Google Analytics, Search Console and Adwords to receive valuable information about your business
  • Fixing up fundamental SEO issues with your website so Google can index it properly
  • Amplify your business listings. We work with over 25 directory list services such as Apple Maps, bing, truelocal, yellowpages, whitepages, tupalo, spoke etc. to maximze the online coverage of your business.

The [ Verify My Business ] service will get your business noticed by Google in a very short time and fast track the SEO process of your website.

Little Known Facts about SEO

1 / Google Sandboxing
Google will place “untrusted” (which includes brand NEW) websites in a Sandbox. What does this mean? It will not actively start ranking your website until it is trusted, which normally means that there is some age and activity. One of the best activities that you can carry out to get out of the sandbox is to have your business verified by Google.  Here is a more indepth explanation of what sandboxing is all about
Google Sandbox
2 / Organic Search is the only way to be seen.
Google is always expanding ways on how to get you found. For example, Google has Adwords, YouTube, 3 pack, Maps, Mobile, etc. One of our key recommendations is to have your business be listed on Intermediaries such a Directory Listings (Yelp, Yellow Pages, True Local, etc) and Social Media (Facebook, Linkedin, etc). For some industries such as Restaurants, Home Services (cleaning, plumbing), Financial Services etc it is near impossible to rank organically for.

Look at the screenshot on the right handside. I typed in the broad term ” pizza restaurants” in Google Search Box – The SERP (search Results Page) only listed speciality directory listing or content aggregators in the organic search area.  It would be impossible for a local “pizza restaurant” to compete for such a broad term. It is possible for your business to rank for “pizza restaurant” +[suburb] and we are going to show you how.

Pizza Restaurants
3 / SEO is NOT Really “Free”.
SEO takes time, effort, content creation so there is definitely a cost.. The normal expectation is that SEO takes 6-12 months to kick in after constant work of content creation, optimization and link building.

It is best to use other methods to generate initial traffic such as Social Media Optimization (SMO), Pay Per Click (PPC) for Instant traffic.

SEO Is not Free

[ Verify My Business – Starter Pack ]

We start working on your Google My Business (GMB), if you have a GMB already then we wil optimize your listing. Our Google My Business Starter includes:
✔ A link to your website that will help boost your website ranking
✔ Using relevant header graphics and photos for your business to help with branding and identity
✔ We will mark your business on Google Maps so you can get found and give your users directions
✔ We will help you with the Google verification process after this Google will send you a postcard to your premises
✔ Once you receive the postcard and entered the verification code your GMB listing will become public and customers can find you
✔ We will help you with your Business information such as opening times, contact info, location, business description
✔ We will apply our SEO skills and include targeted keywords so customers can find your business
✔ We will help you integrate with other Google services such as Analytics and Search Console
✔ We will show you how to get your first Google Reviews, which make a huge difference to your listing and business

Case Study – Get Found Despite No Website

This is one of our clients, actually the client is my barber, she has a brand new business. Her new shop is beautiful and she is fantastic at cutting hair,  but the shop is not located not the main street, which is a challenge.

Question: So how does her business get found ?

Answer: Google My Business – Google Maps + Business Directory Listings

Results: Her business has been found over 440 times in Google Search and appeared on Google Maps over 280 times in 1 month

[ Verify My Business – Standard Package ]

This service includes all features in the [Google My Business – Starter Package] plus Amplification of your business listings. Netology will register your business on the Top 10 Business listing services including:

1) True Local
2} Apple Maps

3) Brown Book
4) Bing

5) Four Square
6) Yellow Pages

7) Tom Tom
8) White Pages

9) Tupalo
10) Hot Frog

The Business List service includes:

Manual submission to each directory list
✔ Consistency of Name, Address and Phone Number – Consistency equates to better results
Business List Reports – displaying your business listing of all 10 services for 2 Months

Google Services

✔ Integrate your Google Analytics with GMB to get insights of your website traffic trends
✔ Integrate Google Search Console so you can see how your website was found

Website On-Page SEO

✔ Conduct a Basic SEO Audit
✔ Conduct an Advanced SEO Audit


★ You can expect to be found on Google, Apple Maps
★ Highest probability of appearing the in Google 3 pack
★ You can super charge your business exposure several times
★ Your business name can appear on top of Google organic search results via some business listing services

Pay Offs

Case Study – 3 Pack + Organic Search

Through using our [ Verify My Business – Advanced Package ]  Netology was able to rank its client in the local 3 pack for their industry plus rank them number #1 for their service + [location].

Question: So how does the Penrith Driving School get found ?

Answer: Google My Business + Google Maps + Business Directory Listing + Organic Search Ranking

Results: Instead of paying for Pay Per Click Advertising, we have transitioned Penrith Driving School to purely organic search model.

[ Verify My Business – Advanced Package ]

The Advanced Package is for businesses that want to maximize their local online presence via Google My Business and many business directory listing.

[Verify My Business – Advanced Package] main objective is to move your business listing to the 3 pack as quick as possible.

So what is so special about the Advanced package?
✔✔  Netology will register your business on 25 influential Business listing services increasing your chances of appearing on Google Search results. That is more than twice the number of business listings than the standard package.
✔✔ Netology will fix up the top 3 SEO issues of your website, your Website SEO is a key element to getting you into the 3 pack of Google My Business. Getting your Website SEO right is the path to long-term Success.
✔✔ We will work on your Google My Business over a 3 month period and try to get you into 3 pack. We will use a number of Advanced Techniques to push your GMB up the ranking.
✔✔ If you run Adwords – then we will audit your AdWords and optimize 1 campaign / up to 5 Ad Groups so you can get clicks for less while generating more leads.
✔✔ If you are new to Adwords – then we can get you a Free $100 coupon by spending only $25 with Google. Please note this is for new Adwords customers only.


★★ Your business will have maximum online exposure, even without a number one ranking website (which takes time and $$$$)
★★ You can expect to get found by your New customers on Google, Apple and Whereis Maps
★★ Once your GMB list is on the 1st page of Google you can expect more business leads.

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