Last Updated on January 12, 2022 by Nicholas Ho

One or most requested services is our Google Data Studio (GDS) services. It allows the business owner it own business intelligence system without breaking the bank. GDS allows a consolidation of information into one reporting system from Analytics, Adwords, Social Media and other platforms such as Youtube and Linkedin.

It also allows both the agency/marketer and business owner to work together on solving marketing problems, in a collaborative manner,  since both parties are looking at the same datasets together.


1. The Ecommerce Dashboard

This dashboard captures:

  1. Overall sales on the left-handside,
  2. The sources for revenue in the middle and
  3. Google Ads (Shopping) breakdown on the right-handside

This is one of our most commonly requested dashboards by our ecommerce clients. The business owner can consolidate a single view from 2 data sources.


2. The Top 25 Products Page

Without having to navigate to Shopify Reports, and then configure and then sort. The top 25 products page allows the store owner quickly see their best selling products.

It breaks down:

  • unique purchases
  • product revenue
  • revenue per purchase



3. Top Revenue Sources

This page answers to top question 

“How effective is my Adspend / SEO / Social?”

It shows the effectiveness of each channel and you have configure Google Data Studio (GDS) to highlight the most effective source/medium in terms of revenue, conversion rate.

You can also configure the page to compare figures with the previous period.



4. Top Pages

If you are running a services business knowing with service page or blog can give you instant feedback to which piece of content is resonating best with you audience and how did they find the content.

We often use this information to expand our SEO strategy or paid marketing strategy.



5. Top Search Terms

One Advantage of Google Ads is using search ads. People rely on Google to search and find “services, solutions, products, etc”. So knowing the exact search terms and it’s effectiveness can leave big clues for the business owner and marketer to the best strategy.

If you work in an industry that is quite technical or has it’s own terms and lingo, advertising for more common terms might make more sense. We have found this to be the case in the medical and personal health field. The Top Search Terms report is a great way to spot trends and identify winning search terms directly from Google.