We love Sydney. the Harbour, the fantastic weather, the diverse culture and food are some of the reasons why we love it.  Sydney is the home for some of the most innovative organisations such as AtlassianCanva and Freelancer who have dominated their industry worldwide through online marketing and having a success online presence. Companies such as Canva and Atlassian have benefited from having fantastic content for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to dominate their market. I mention these companies because I have the privilege of using their fantastic products everyday.

  • Confluence for documentation and notes
  • Canva because it is Graphic Design software I know how to use
  • Freelancer to outsource special tasks like Graphic Design or specialty programming

Sydney SEO and Web Design

Netology was established to help businesses with their SEO, Web Design and Adwords needs. We are one of the best SEO Companies based in Sydney for

  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO
  • Web Design Optimization *
  • Internet / Web Marketing for Local Businesses in Sydney
  • Google AdWords Management

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Let us help you with your journey to business success by developing strategies and implementing a number of online strategies. We can be your online champion for your business – we will do the heavy lifting when it comes to research, creating online strategies and implementing changes. We will make it hassle free for you, so you can concentrate on running a successful business.

 * It should be spelt ‘Optimisation’ but we deal daily with the US, US websites and Google tools.

Make Your Website Better NOW With These Free Tools

We have a number of free tools to help make your website better. Start off with SEO Analysis , it is totally free to use. It only takes about 30 – 60 Seconds for the process to complete. It will list all the things your current website needs to improve on. If you like the process of ‘planning’ then use our SEO ROI Calculator, It is good to know how much traffic you need to break even. Or you could simply  start by filling out the contact form below

  • Describe what business you are in and what differentiates you from your competitors
  • Who are your competitors
  • Your current online marketing efforts
  • The average price for your services or product

When SEO is implemented properly it can be very powerful and as the saying goes “With great power comes great responsibility”  so we have some criteria with the businesses we can deal with Criteria

  • Your business needs to be in business  for a number of years
  • Your business must have a good reputation
  • We do not accept business in the gambling, adult industry and “get rich” industries.
  • We can only work with a limited number of clients and we will only work with a select number of businesses in each industry.

Areas covered The video report will include things such as:

  • Website SEO Health
  • The keywords and phrases  that your business is ranking for in Google
  • Analysis of what your competition is doing online
  • Google Ranking  opportunities
  • AdWords analysis

The results are captured in a short 10-20 minute video which makes it easy to understand.

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Will can help you with:

  • Website Optimisation and Design
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Adwords

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