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Get Your Website Ranked in Google by Designing Its SEO.

Congratulations you have finished your website. The text, images, colouring, logo look great, you have a killer home pages and you have spent time on your about us page. But Hang-on! without a “SEO web design process”, the website is only partially complete.

It is like building a house without electricity. A SEO Design will complete your website. SEO needs to be carefully designed for maximum search engine results performance.

The are 5 main stages to launching a website

  1. Technical Setup (Web Mastering) – Server environment, WordPress Installation, DNS Configuration, Email setup, plugin management, theme and page builder, interaction with Google tools (Analytics, Search Console) etc
  2. User Experience Website Design  –  Otherwise known as UX Design  – is focussed on the look, feel and functionality of the website
  3. Content Creation – Photos, services/product description, articles, case studies/projects. In addition there is also extra graphics, stock photos.
  4. Website Build – The actual building of the website. The biggest delay to website build is normally content. It is not uncommon for the content creation to happen during website build which is not idea.
  5. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – SEO Web Design and have the website SEO optimised so it can successfully connect with Google’s search engine, so your website will index and rank on Google.

Stages 1-4 is normally a “sprint” to finish – lots of content, tasks & considerations. But most business fail to allocate resources for SEO Design and Implementation (stage 5), which is why most websites don’t rank in Google Search.

Netology offers SEO Web Design Service to start the website ranking process. 

SEO Website Design Options

A. New Website This a a great time to create a website that will rank from the “get go”. Normally wedesign a website with ranking strategy in mind.  The new website will start being seen by Google straight away.

B. Remediate your existing design – remediation can happen on several levels

  1. Fixing Content – A lot of website will be missing a Content and SEO plan. If this is the case the website will never rank, so we address this aspect and start fixing the content.
  2. Fix Technical Aspects – Poor web server setup, poor web hosting, poor choices of WordPress plugins and setup. All of these aspects can stop your website from ranking.
  3. Remediate Website Elements – elements such as Headings,  URL, Layout, Images etc. The web designer is not an SEO expert so often these elements are setup incorrectly from a SEO perspective
  4. Website Template Replacement – that $50 template used for your website can often have inherently poor SEO design built in, which is costing you thousands of dollars in search traffic. So the quickest way to deal with the issue is to replace the template. This does involve a partial rebuild of the website and maybe some small changes to design.

C. Total Rebuild – We have had to rebuild a number of times for clients. The client was previously sold a “preferred website platform”  that was not WordPress. And now no-one knows how to rank it. In a number of cases, simply by having the website rebuilt in WordPress, with minimum changes in content or design aspects, has resulted in instant Google rankings and lead generation.

Technical SEO & WordPress

The foundation activity of the SEO phase is Technical SEO. This phase requires lots of small technical tweaks to your website, including adding structure to your website content, metadata and schema structure, etc. All of these tweaks will maximise your website will have with Google’s Search Engine. This tweaking process is otherwise known as Technical SEO.

The Google Search Engine is very dynamic. There are about 200 website ranking factors, so knowing which factors to start working on first is a real issue. A good place to start is to use a checklist like the SEMRUSH WordPress SEO Checklist. You should use an experienced SEO engineer carry out this checklist, to make sure the checklist is carried out correctly.

Here is a quick high level summary broken down into several work packages.

  1. WordPress settings – Language, time zone, permalinks, Sitemap XML, plugin selection
  2. Website Optimisation – optimise server environment, website speed, image size, redirects, etc
  3. Google Systems – Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Tag Manager & maybe AdWords (a quick method to test keywords)
  4. SEO Strategy – Keyword Research, Page & Keyword Hierarchy, content strategy
  5. On-Page Optimisation – Making sure each page has the correct keywords and SEO infrastructure
  6. Ongoing SEO monitoring and ranking – Ranking in Google is a competition, so ranking should be constantly monitored,  SEO should be constantly be tweaked – more content, more internal links, better photos. Consistent content building and ranking is the secret to long-term SEO Success.
  7. Content development – Constantly reviewing your SEO plan, seeking new Keywords should be part of your SEO Strategy.


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Some Of Our SEO Results

SEO for Home Builders
SEO Measured by SEMRUSH

Vanstyn Constructions

Project: Website Rebuild - SEO Design

Results: Keywords on Page#1 = 17


SEO for Builders
SEO Measured by SEMRUSH

Bardera Constructions

Project: Website Rebuild - SEO

Results: Keywords on Page#1 = 20


SEO for Plastic Surgery
SEO Measured by SEMRUSH

Dr Naveen Somia

Project: Website Re-Design - SEO

Results: Keywords on Page#1 = 94


Why Use a SEO Web Design Agency?

As previously mentioned, completing a website for User Experience Styling is only 50% done. There are a long-list of behind-the-scene tasks that need to be completed before it is optimised to work with Google Search Engine for ranking. Here are the main reasons why you should using an SEO agency

  • Setup costs – Premium SEO tools are expensive, a collection of premium tools will costs a minimum of $500/month to $2000/month for a small SEO agency. You are better off having the agency pay the licence costs, and maximise your budget by paying for expertise instead of paying for tooling. Also, SEO tools are moderately complex to use and time-consuming to learn, so even if you pay for the tools, you probably will not have the expertise or the time to use the tools.
  • Knowledge / Education – A SEO practitioner needs to dedicates 1-4 hours/week on SEO Education, News & information to keep with the latest techniques and changes to SEO, including updates to WordPress, to Google tools and general web systems. Not all businesses can dedicate time/resources to learn specialist skills.
  • Experience – Each keyword will have different ranking characteristics since there many external factors contributing to ranking, such as competition, trends, changes in Search Engine algorithm. When a SEO professional works on several sites, they would have gained experience to rank for different types of keywords.
  • Expertise – Being a Search Geek is not for everyone. We love data, spreadsheets (or tools that look like spreadsheets), the study of semantics, search habits, technology, techniquess, process and industry knowledge. Does this sound like you? if not, you are better off hiring a SEO Expert
  • Unglamorous –  to be totally honest, SEO involves a lot of mundane tasks such as resizing or retagging images, tweaking content, restructuring layout, changing meta descriptions, hours of keyword research, lots of spreadsheets or speadsheet like tools – to sort and prioritise keywords etc. Most of these tasks are not-so-interesting for “regular folks” such as marketing managers, web designers or developers. This is another reason why you should engage a SEO agency.


When Should I Engage A SEO Web Design Agency?

SEO is an ongoing process, so it can start anytime. However, depending on optimisation requirements, you should be open to making changes to the websites. These are the most common times clients consider SEO:

  • When the current website is not ranking in Google for your targeted keywords
  • The website has just launched, and you want to start the SEO ranking process
  • The website needs a technology upgrade and requires SEO Web Design as well
  • You are considering a website redesign


SEO Web Design Keyword Research Spreadsheet

[SEO engineer smiling while working with spreadsheets smile]

Here are some facts you should know about Website Ranking:

  • It takes time to rank a website
  • Website ranking starts by having a well-structured website
  • Experience with Google services such as Google Analytics and Search Console is very important
  • The effort needed to rank a website is dependent on lots of factors – competition, Keyword difficulty, subject matter, etc
  • Google determines your rankings, the SEO professional facilitates the ranking process
  • here is a measurement used in the industry called “Domain Authority” (DA) which measures the likelihood of website ranking. It takes time to build DA but we know how to start ranking despite your DA

We have a free tool which will analyse your website health – Website Audit tool.

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