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Connect Hearing Australia is a national network of over 130 healthcare hearing clinics across Australia. Netology provides Google Ads, Local SEO and SEO Analytics services to Connect Hearing on a Monthly basis.

Connect Hearing launched a National TV and Video Campaign in September 2021 promoting their Speech Perception Test (SPT) service, featuring Osher Gunsberg, as their brand ambassador (little known fact – Osher suffers from an industrial hearing loss). The SPT is an online service which tests the participants ability to differentiate everyday vocal sounds like “F” comparing to the sound of “S”.

Connect Hearing wanted to expand it’s advertising beyond traditional advertising to YouTube. Connect also wanted to increase it’s website traffic and track related online leads. Connect Hearing asked Netology to design a YouTube Advertising campaign, implement and manage the campaign.

Netology also created a detail Data Studio dashboard to track traffic, online submissions and source/medium attribution. 


✅ Large Increase in Brand Lift
✅ Over 200K YouTube Views in 6 Weeks
✅ Plenty of Leads (we are keeping these numbers confidential)
✅ The campaign generated the most watched videos on Connect Hearing’s YouTube Channel


Netology YouTube Advertising Services

  • YouTube & Display Advertising Strategy
  • Implemented YouTube Bumper Video Ads
  • Implemented YouTube Instream (Skippable & Non-Skippable) Ads
  • Implemented Google Display Advertising Services for Remarketing
  • Google Ads Ongoing Management – YouTube, Display and Search Advertising
  • Advanced Google Data Studio Dashboard to track leads from visit to conversion

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