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Website Renovation / Lead Generation

Vanstyn Constructions is a construction company that specialised in renovations but has recently broaden its business interest in Patios and Pergolas. Netology was contracted to “rebuild” their website with a better design.

The original website was developed  on a fixed website. It did not allow for different layouts or features beyond the template. Netology rebuilt the website using Divi Page Builder. This provided a solid platform to show off Vanstyn’s projects and new services.

The combination of Social media, Organic traffic and better website has generate a steady stream of leads for Vanstyn Constructions.



✅ A better platform to show off projects
✅ More Leads for the new line of business – Patios and Carports
✅ Forms that allow customers to upload an image of the building site
✅ Installation of LiveChat on the website to leave messages & chat
✅ Ability to track & manage leads efficiently


Netology Lead Generation Services

  • Create A Better Website. We started “renovating websites” because we found too many websites were built incorrectly. Vanstyn’s new website allows it to have more marketing tech features such as featured videos, Live Chat and, intelligent forms
  • Lead Generation Strategy. We work with the businesses to create a lead generation strategy.
  • Leads Management. We go one step further and install a Free CRM so the business can monitor and manage their leads


...and get a better website, that will look good for your business but more importantly, start generating leads for your business. Start ranking in Google and start ranking for services and locations that you select.

We are based locally in Sydney Australia providing Web Design and SEO Services. For our full range of services please visit our Homepage.

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