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Shirley Dalton is a well respected internet radio, Internet TV host and educator. She needed to transform her website by updating the look and feel, and incorporating her Internet Radio Show.

Web Design and  Digital Marketing

✅ Design a new website with new look and feel
✅ Integrate Infusionsoft with the website
✅ Streamline services and tools

Services Provided

Web Development Services

Website Development Services
✓Designed a new website
✓Incorporate a new page for each podcast episode
✓Incorporate Guest authors and profile into new website

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services✓Digital Marketing Strategy
✓Facebook Campaigns
✓Infusionsoft Integration
✓Setup Spreaker podcast platform

General Advice on SEO

Like any project we learnt a lot about the industry and best practices. Here are some of the things we learnt

  1. Beware of what your SEO consultant is doing. We have fixed countless number of websites where the SEO consultant has taken shortcuts by outsourcing work to automated SEO systems often operated by cheap overseas services. These type of services will definitely cause you harm in the long-term. Despite the spike in traffic, it actually brings in very little traffic.
  2. Keep it local. Again your clients must visit you so target your local areas including the suburbs in close proximity. Clearly state your location, maps and contact details.
  3. Have a Health Check done. A common issue is using the “one off” website template that is not kept up to date or cannot be kept up to date (developer has stopped maintaining it). This will become a bigger issue as WordPress progresses.
  4. Have good communication with the consultant. We often come across cases where there is little or not communication with the SEO / Digital Marketer. This is an area of concern and should be addressed ASAP.
  5. Hire an SEO professional.  We see a lot of DIY SEO attempts. Studying SEO is a full time profession. You would not attempt Taxation Law part time or Aeronautical Engineering part-time. SEO has a lot of moving part, Google makes constant changes What worked a year ago may not work this year. Concentrate on things like Content, services, specials to give the SEO professional something to rank.


…and get a better website, that will look good for your business but more importantly, start generating leads for your business. Start ranking in Google and start ranking for services and locations that you select.

We are based locally in Sydney Australia providing Web Design and SEO Services. For our full range of services please visit our Homepage.

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