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National College Australia  NCA is a respected Registered Training Organisation (RTO), with a range of online education courses. Netology provided Google Ads and Technical services.

Netology migrated the NCA to a new website design while preserving valuable SEO ranking. The migration required detailed SEO knowledge and webmaster support.

Netology main role was to generate lead generation service with Adwords, tasked with generating from 250 to 600 Leads/Month (depending on the promotion).

Netology also provides advanced Google Tag Manager and Analytic services.


✅ Generated up to 600 Leads a Month 
✅ Increased Brand Lift via Google Display Ads
✅ Provided monthly website support services
✅ Implemented Livechat Integration with Google Analytics and Adwords Attribution

Netology Web Measurement Services

The current incarnation of Google Ads is a Machine Learning platform that is data driven. Creating and feeding the right measurements is crucial creating a more successful Google Ads Account.

These are the common measurements that are often overlooked.

  • Click to Call Phone Number events
  • Videos Viewed
  • Livechat Messages and tickets
  • ebook downloads
  • Clicks to important links
  • Call To Action Button Events
  • SMS Requests
  • Answering Online Quizes

These types of measurement often requires further integration steps using tools such as Google Tag Manager or 3rd party Integration/Tags/Scripts

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...and get a better website, that will look good for your business but more importantly, start generating leads for your business. Start ranking in Google and start ranking for services and locations that you select.

We are based locally in Sydney Australia providing Web Design and SEO Services. For our full range of services please visit our Homepage.

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