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Rodman Employment Law is a specialist in Employment Law firm located in Boston, Massachusetts fighting for employee rights. They practice in a number of specialist areas such as Sexual Harassment, Workplace discrimination, Wrongful Termination, NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement and Age Discrimination and other areas of employment law.

Netology provided Web Design Services, SEO Planning and implementation (Organic and Local SEO) and Digital Marketing in the form of Google Adwords and Paid Advertising. We developed a bespoke web design which was a big change to Rodman previous web design, which was developed on a copy “template” website.

Digital Marketing for Law firms has it set of unique challenges including

  1. Location and service area
  2. Making sure there is good quality content for Organic SEO ranking
  3. Competition for digital landscape against other law firms

Web Design and SEO Planning

✅ Keyword planning and Strategy
✅ Website planning and design
✅ Website build
✅ Page Build with SEO implementation



Services Provided

Web Development Services

Website Development Services
✓Designed and built a new website which made it SEO and mobile friendly
✓Introduced User-friendly Call To Action forms.
✓Google Web Analytics, Search Console, Adwords and Google My Business


Digital Marketing and SEO for Law Firms

Digital Marketing Services✓Keywords Strategy and Implementation
✓Local SEO with Google My Business
✓Setup Google Adwords to start generating leads at a low cost
✓Provided Social Media guidance


...and get a better website, that will look good for your business but more importantly, start generating leads for your business. Start ranking in Google and start ranking for services and locations that you select.

We are based locally in Sydney Australia providing Web Design and SEO Services. For our full range of services please visit our Homepage.

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