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Mergers and Acquisitions

Baybridge Lawyers frequently work with our clients on large scale, complex transactions assisting them with achieving their commercial goals in an efficient manner. Our Mergers and Acquisitions team are able to assist with developing the strategy required to reach goals in acquiring a new business.

Baybridge is there to assist with negotiations and various transactions including joint ventures, sales and purchases, and consolidations. Our extensive experience allows us to provide advice on corporate restructures, due diligence and risk management programs, and director’s duties.

Any form of sale, acquisition or merger should be undertaken with prudent guidance and advice. Our team has assisted business undertake complex intellectual property and asset due diligence to ensure any consideration is allocated to the appropriate assets.

Our objective is to work with brokers, agents, stakeholders and financiers in achieving their goal in an efficient and co-operative manner. We work hard to deliver these outcomes without over complicating the transaction and keep the parties’ interests in mind.

Whether it’s a small or multi-million dollar transaction, we have the skills and resources to meet the needs of our clients.

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“Audi Australia were looking for experts who could advise us and work with our legal department in connection with franchising. Baybridge have made us feel confident with their precise and prompt attention and high level of professionalism. We would highly recommend them to any corporate or in-house lawyers looking for a strong and experienced team.”

Eric Louca

General Counsel, Audi Australia

Our franchising lawyers have assisted many franchisees across the country negotiate the best deal possible and advise them of their obligations under the applicable documents. In fact some of our franchisee clients have built considerable wealth and businesses over the years and in some cases transitioned to being a franchisor.
In addition to the front end representation we have also been successful in assisting franchisees resolve dispute either via mediation or in the Courts.

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