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Get More Leads With  Better Results From Your AdWords

☑ Improve AdWords quality score to lower your Cost Per Click

☑ Continuous Improvements to Campaign Setting, Keywords, Ad Groups and Ads

☑ Regular Reviews and Reporting – Strategy, Auction Insights, Bid Strategies, Ad copy, Location & Demographics

Adwords Results that we have produced

At Netology, we take pride that we deliver better results with our Google Adwords Management Services

Here are a few of our clients where we have

1) Create Ads for a retail service with an Adrank of 1.3 (number 1 Ad)

2) Consistent leads – month after month for an Apartment Rental company with a 13% CTR and 35 leads/month

3) Generate leads for a brand new law firm from zero leads to 47 Leads in 1 month located in a Major city in the US

4) Generate leads for a high value, low volume Law Firm located in Canada

5) Do our part for the environment and generate consistent clicks for over 1 year to help save the Great Barrier Reef and Tasmanian Wilderness with a 9% CTR

Adwords Terminology

CTR = Click Through Rate. It is Generally from 2-6%. See Google Ads Benchmark Ad Rank – There are normally 6-8 spots where your Ad can appear. We aim for position 1-3. Conversion – The desired action you expect from your website visitor etc sales enquiry, contact request

Great Adwords Management Service – 3 Key Deliverables

1) Strategy First

Listening, Observation and then Strategy Before Touching Adwords

Every industry and sub-industry is different so it is important to have the Adwords Consultant understands your business and your customer. It is his/her join to join the dots between what the user types in Google – known as a “Search Term” and have this lead and match to “Keywords” used in the advertising.

To do this task effectively they need to understand the buyer’s journey and have an AdWords strategy that can track the buyer’s journey.

When I inherit accounts, quite often I see accounts with lots of keywords, lots of ads and maybe Adgroups but no real strategy. The Adgroups are not structured on Buyer’s intent. I call this approach the “stick on wall” approach. The previous Adwords consultant was “hoping” that a keyword would “stick” and match the visitors “search term”. This often leads to a very expensive Adwords bill with no real ROI.

At Netology, we always kickstart the strategy process using a methodology based on the Hubspot Inbound Methodology – Buyers Journey

Remember, Adwords is an execution tool that is used AFTER strategy.

2) Managing Your Adwords Using Best Practices

Google is constantly updating its services

Google is constantly changing AdWords, so ideally your Adwords consultant should also be attending some type of Google education, or Google industry briefing every 2 – 4 weeks. Because Netology is a Google Partner – we are constantly receiving information from Google on the latest features, techniques, and industry trends.

We were alerted to the “Mobile First” strategy a few years ago by Google, so we made sure all of our client’s websites are mobile -friendly. Fast forward today – over 60% of all of our traffic from Mobiles and have not had to make a single change our the website templates.

 Google Partner Program

Your service provider needs to have the Google Adwords Certification as a minimum requirement. The Adwords certification needs to be updated annually. FYI, the certification exams are normally 80-100 questions and your Adwords Specialist needs to pass with a mark 80% or higher. It must be passed annually to ensure that the specialist is “keeping up to date” with the current Adwords features.


3) Manage Adword Campaigns In Phases

One of the biggest issues that we come across is that we come across is that the Campaigns are built out too quickly. The ads have too many non-performing Ads due to poor keyword refinement or Adgroup segmentation. The most common cause for inconsistent or poor performance is that the campaign has not run in phases.

We normally run our Adwords Campaigns in 3 phases:

  1. Build Out Phase,
  2. Optimization phase 
  3. Expansion Phase.

Buildout Phase 

Through researching Keywords, Adcopy design, Ad Group, and Campaign Design. Don’t expect optimal results or reporting at this stage. Depending on factors such as the number of clicks, budget, industry, competition this phase can last from 1-3 months. 

The budget should be kept to a Test budget, there will be frequent changes of Adgroups, Keywords, and Adcopy. Reporting will not be consistent as a result.

Optimization Phase

One of the best features of Adwords is being able to see User search terms that have triggered your Ads to appear. This information is very useful to understand your users intent, search terms, devices used, competition. All of this information creates a feedback loop that can be used to optimize your campaigns. With the feedback loop, we can refine your Ads, create better bid strategies, avoid unwanted keywords. 

Performance indicators such as Click Through Rates and Conversions will improve. You should start getting positive ROI and reporting will be more consistent as a result.

Expansion Phase

After the Account has reached optimal Click Through Rates, Conversions, Adrank. It is time to expand advertising mediums in Google Adwords you have plenty of choices including

  • Display -Traditional banner Ads, Video and Gmail banner
  • Video Ads – Youtube
  • Shopping Ads- if Applicable
  • Mobile Ads – Responsive Ads

These different Ad types will further enhance your brand and will increase the likelihood of actions (clicks, contacts, purchase etc).

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  • Lower Cost per click
  • Improve your Click Through Rate
  • Increase the Number of Leads to You Business

Get advice from a fully Google Qualified Specialist.

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Save on Ad Spend

We can measure the effectiveness of your keywords (which you are paying per click) and refining your ad spend to the most effective keywords. We can also reveal which keywords should be grouped together to make a more effective Adgroup which will reduce your Ad Spend.


We can save you up to $400/month on a $1500/month spend by improving your keyword quality score, which normally improves your Click Through Rates (CTR), conversions and generate business leads.

Better Results with Professional AdWords Skills

Anyone can create an AdWords Campaign but the real results comes with advanced AdWords knowledge and techniques. Acquiring these skills can be achieved through education and constant practice.

At Netology we are always advancing our skills through Google AdWords Education and being part of the Google professional community. Just like a Accountant with a CPA can maximize your tax return, a Google AdWords Certified Professional can maximize your AdWords system.

Our AdWords Consulting practice is continually investing in education and tools to help our clients.

We will immediately “stop the leaks” in your AdWords, Improve your cost per click and increase your Click Through Rate (CTR).


Improve AdWords Quality Score

The screenshot of one of our client accounts is very “exciting” (at least for us). It shows High Click Through Rate (CTR), High Quality Score and High Ad Position as a result. Also we got our client a Discounted Cost Per Click (CPC), all because we worked hard on getting a Better Quality Score. AdRank

You can SAVE 15-50% on Ad Spend by improving quality score.



Continuous Improvement to AdWords

Managing Adwords should never be set and forget. There are so many adjustments that can be made on a continuous basis:

  • Search terms,
  • Device used,
  • Time of Day.
  • Ad Auctions,
  • Negative keywords,
  • Bid strategies.

Typically we are continually refining keywords, building negative keywords, seeking new opportunities, improving and developing new ads.

Build a Adwords system that will give you a competitive advantage against your competitors, have it pay for itself and constantly generate leads and revenue for your business.


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