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We Manage Google AdWords To Get Results

“An agency provides specialised service on behalf of another business”. And what we provide is Google Ads services to other businesses (including other Google Adword Agencies).

We typically work with business owners and marketing managers to extend their capabilities with online advertising to get long-term results.

Why Netology?

  • Google Specialist and then Google Partner since 2016
  • Google Partner – Netology has satisfied education, personnel requirements, and performance management as set out by Google every year.
  • Expertise in the following Industries for Adwords
    • Medical & Health – Services and Products
    • Home Construction and Renovation
    • Professional Services – Legal, Accounting, Real Estate
    • B2B – Industrial products and services, Technology
    • eCommerce – Consumer and Co-Branding products
  • We provide a holistic approach to developing Google Ads Accounts. We have a set methodology to ensure that the account grows profitably. We will provide you with a proven battle plan that will use all aspects of Google Ads. It is not all about Search Ads, but being able to provide the right type of Ads at the right time by tracing your buyer’s journey.

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Beyond Google Adwords PPC

Back in 2014 when we qualified as a Google Ads Specialist, we only did Search PPC (Pay Per Click). We were certified in display, mobile, video and Apps but we only offered Search because of our expertise in SEO.

Then “On 24 July 2018, Google AdWords became Google Ads. This new Google Ads brand represents the full range of campaign types available today, including Search, Display and Video” –

However, lots of people still call Google Ads, AdWords. @Netology we like to refer Search Campaigns as AdWords and everything else as Google Ads. Since 2016, we have expanded our Google Ads capabilities. 

We now offer expertise in

  • Display Campaigns,
  • Video Campaigns
  • Shopping Campaigns
  • “Others” (Performance Max & Discovery)

( Google is still developing an experimenting others)


Google Ads Agency - Display Shopping
Our Google Ads Displayed on SMH
Google Ads Agency - YouTube
One of our YouTube Ads Campaign

Google Ads Provider – Advice, Strategy & Management

We now offer three (3) Adwords services.

  1.  Advice
  2.  Strategy
  3.  Management

Our full services clients get the benefit of all of these services however we are often called in to provide Advice and Strategy on a one-off basis.

1. Google Ads Advice

The advantage of having experience is that we understand the advancement history of Google Ads. What might have worked 2-3 years ago might not work anymore. And we can very quickly understand the logic of the old account structure and what to replace it with current best practices.

For Example: Google has recently changed its keyword modifier schemes and no longer allows the creation of Expanded Text Ads –  which affects past strategies such as SKAGs, Single Keyword Ad Groups, now the default search ad types are Responsive Ads (which insists on having multiple keywords, headings, and descriptions) and this does not really work with SKAGS.

The other big change we have seen in recent years is Google Education. In the past, most courses took 2-to 3 days of face-to-face education (2014) then transitioned to multi-day online sessions. Today, the education is condensed down to a self-study 3-5 hour course. There is a lot of content missing from the official course, the content has been delegated to “further reading” footnote, and of course, most new practitioners spend less time on the further reading.

For further advice, Netology offers an Adwords Consulting Service. In short, we provide advice on:

  • Account structure and setup
  • Keyword and Bid strategy
  • Assess the Ad account by comparing it to Past and Current Best Practices
  • Measurement assessment
  • Performance assessment
  • Account Links


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2. Adwords Strategy

Google Ads is a competition between advertisers and business owners/novices. The biggest mistake we observe with all of the accounts that we audit and, many accounts that we are asked to manage, is the lack of a clear strategy. You can normally see it in the account structure and types of campaigns in the account.

We make sure our Ads account structure for Campaigns/Adgroups/Ads follows a strategy that is conceived outside of Google Ads before execution. Google Ads is part of the overall marketing strategy.

We also task different campaigns with different goals, not all campaigns are designed to convert but are created for different purposes such as audience building, branding or engagement.


We see a lot of Google Ad accounts designed for Last-Click Conversions – this is the model where a person sees an Ad, clicks, and converts ( becomes a buyer or lead) straight away. For most industries, this model simply does not work. It is a very unsophisticated approach to running Google Ads, but unfortunately, it is an approach we see all the time in the accounts we audit.

The most important goal of a Google Ads Strategy is to increase value for the business by assisting with all aspects of marketing and meeting the buyer’s journey at each point of their intent.


3. Google Ads Management Sydney

Google Ads is normally a mixture of manual and automated campaigns. Each campaign will be at a different phases whether it be discovery, growth or scale phase. It is important to give the appropriate amount of attention to each phase.

One of the most important steps in managing an account is

  • Regular reviews
  • Understanding the plan (or actually having a plan)
  • Assessing the performance of each campaign according to its own individual goal
  • Knowing which “phase” the Adwords campaigns is in
  • Monitoring smart campaigns and build environments for Machine Learning to learn
  • Use transparent reporting with Data Studio that everyone can understand – especially the non-specialist such as the business owner/marketing manager
Google Data Studio - Top 25 pages and Traffic Sources
Google Data Studio - Top Revenue Sources

Ad Spend
One of the most important of Ads management is controlling Adspend and more importantly allocating adspend to both bring results and grow the account. These are the most common mistakes:

  • Spending 100% of budget on Conversions
  • No budget allocation for discovering new keywords, audiences etc
  • No budget allocation towards growth or scaling


Other Google Ads Account Optimisation Tasks

We also spend time integrating Adwords with other systems such as

  • Linking Google My Business with Adwords
  • Linking YouTube with Adwords for more statistics and audience building
  • Linking Google Ads with Google Analytics for information, identifying goals and audience building
  • Tracking Adwords in Google Analytics and Data Studio, so everyine is on the same page 

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