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Our SEO checker will instantly scan your website and produce a complete SEO Audit Report. It will check for a comprehensive list of items that can be easily missed during development, so don’t blame the web developer, they are NOT SEO Experts. The study of SEO is a specialist profession, like GP vs Surgeon or Bookkeeper vs Tax Accountant.

The SEO Analysis Report

Type in your website address into the form and click on the “Analyze Now” button. Our Free SEO analysis service will scan your website – this normally takes about 60 Seconds. The SEO scanner will check and analyze:-

  • Title/Meta Tags
  • Image Analysis
  • Heading Tags
  • Content Analysis
  • Code Analysis
  • Mobile Analysis
  • Social Analysis
  • Ranking & Local Factors
  • Link Analysis
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SEO Analysis – Problems Revealed

We have been running this service for a few months with nearly 200 reviews. Most of the business owners have been surprised and often shocked, with what the report has found. This is a snippet of some of the main problem areas that our free SEO Analysis tool uncovers..

  1. No Sitemap – A sitemap gives the Google Search Engine a mapto your website and speeds up the process for ranking
  2. Poor Headings – a very important ranking factor. Some website owners have found things like phone numbers, images, blank spaces etc defined as headings. By having trivia objects in the headings, the website has lost an important opportunity to rank for the correct keywords.
  3. Images Incomplete – Search Engines need text associated with images to correctly index and categorise the images. The report reveals what type of text is associated with your images. We often see images with text such as “img_4567” associated with the images which is of no value to ranking your website.
  4. Harmful Meta Description – The search engine used to take notice of keywords in the description and some developers used to “stuff keywords” in the description to make website rank. This no longer works and can harm your website from ranking.The report will show you what content is in your meta description.
  5. No Mobile Friendliness – If your website or webpages are not mobile friendly, then Google will not allow the website or web page to be listed in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) on Mobiles. Google is committed to serve good content to its users, if the quality is poor or unusable, Google will refuse to serve it up. This report will give your website a rating so you can see how effective your website is in the world of Mobile.
  6. No Social Features – is the new form of “word of mouth”, if you don’t have the mechanisms to Like or Share you are not allowing the word of mouth flow. The reports will highlight areas that have not been setup properly.
  7. A Priority Task List – The report detail a priority list of the things to fix. This will save you time and money by focussing your efforts on the things that matter to make your website rank.

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*Limit of 2 reports per customer