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Our Offer

Get access to a Seasoned Google Ads Professional for 30 minutes over a Zoom Meeting.

The meeting will be Absolutely Free & No Obligations


After one of our audits, we guarantee we that we can provide constructive advice to make your Ads Account work better.

The Free Google Ads Check

During the meeting we can check your account together and look at:

  • Google Ad Account Settings
  • Campaign Structure
  • Adgroups & Keywords
  • Adcopy
  • Bidding Strategy
  • Conversions 
  • Budget
  • Website Landing Page
over a Zoom Call
Adwords consulting over Zoom

Provide your 10 digit Ads number if you us to do some “homework” on your account before we meet. This will maximise our time together.

 To Qualify:

  • Must be an established business & Ads account. (Startup Advertising is different from conventional advertising)
  • Must be spending a minimum of $30/day ( Industries such as finance require a higher budget to obtain enough clicks for leads)

** We Specialise in

  • Medical & Health
  • Home Services – Construction, Renovation
  • Online Education
  • Aged Care
  • Professional Services
  • Specialised Ecommerce
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Nick Ho - Google Ads Partner

Nick Ho

Google SEO and Google Ads Specialist, Google Partner since 2016
6 Year Veteran in Adwords and Generating Leads, Managed up to $1 Million of Ad Spend per year

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What we normally find

We have conducted many Google Ads audit for both our direct clients as well for other agencies. Typical issues that we find:


  1. Poor Google Campaign Structure – This will severely impact on your Google Ads account effectiveness. Typically you won’t get enough clicks and the ROI will be quite poor if your account is built poorly. If your account is built using the account setup “wizard” or built using “101” knowledge of Adwords, expect poor-average results.
  2. Poor Keyword Selection – Google has made a bunch of changes recently (mid 2021 onwards) to the Keyword matching algorithim. We see a lot of accounts wasting a “Ton Of Money” after these algorithim changes. We can advise you on how to cope with these changes.
  3. Lack of Campaign Diversity – There are lots of campaign options. A seasoned professional will know when to use the diferent campaign types (there are 9 types of campaigns) to maximise your account effectiveness.
  4. Poorly Defined Conversions – This normally the number #1 problem to scaling your account for Lead Generation or Sales. Conversion feedback determines the efficiency of Cost Per Acquisitions bidding campaigns.
  5. Execution Based On Poor Advice –  We see a lot of accounts execute strategies based on “tips” obtained from the interenet or they may have received a call from a Call Center person, and now the Ads account performs horribly. We can provide advice on how to fix these types of issues.

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