Attention: Driving School Owners,

Do You Need More Students?

How to Get Constant Enquiries to Your Driving School

Discover How To Drive Your Business Up,

Without Wasting Valuable Time and Money on Marketing

Is your business driving you to stress?
Are you constantly worrying about attracting more students?

Not getting the results you want. Putting in a huge effort for little reward. Feeling totally frustrated with your business.

It’s not your fault.

Your job is to be a Fantastic Driving Instructor, it isn’t to be a digital marketing specialist.

Digital marketing technology, young people behaviour and expectations are constantly changing. It is a full time job to keep up.
It is no wonder you do time or expertise to do both. Just like we cannot teach students how to drive.

We understand. We have worked with a number of driving schools owners in this exact situation.
This is why I created the Driving School Digital Marketing Service
designed to bring you phone calls from students and let you concentrate on providing the best driving lessons you can.

We have been able to get our clients results within 2 weeks or less with a steady stream of phone calls.

Google Adwords Results from one of our Driving School Clients

Imagine what it would be like to just concentrate on just giving driving lessons.

Your mind will be free of a stressful and mysterious task of online marketing.

And you will have the benefits of a steady stream of phone calls to your driving school.

We offer a number of packages to suit your needs

Offer 1 – Pay Per Call

We do all the leg work of setting up digital adverts and you only pay per call.
It is a very simple model where you only pay per lead. You will still have to “close the sale” but without phone leads no sales will be possible


Offer 2 – Website fix

Most websites have faults that can really affect your business. Poor SEO structure, slow websites, not having features such as “click to call”, poor enquiry forms, not mobile friendly. All of these factors can cost you valuable business.


Offer 2 – SEO Ranking

It can take a bit longer, but having a page 1 website can eventually supplement or even replace Pay Per Call or other forms of advertising. One in place the website can become one of you most valuable marketing asset providing constant leads for your business,

Each area will vary slightly in cost due to :

  1. Competition (number of driving schools)
  2. Driving Schools using Digital Marketing
  3. Number of students per area

Please note. We do not want to compete against ourselves so we can only offer our services to a Limited number of driving schools in each area.

Contact us directly to find out which areas are still available for us to provide services to.

Try it Risk Free: If you try our Pay Per Call Service – Pay Nothing until we generate a lead for your business.

Bonus: Free Video Analysis

We will provide you with a Free Video Analysis of your Website, Customer Opportunities and Competitive Analysis.

If you fill out the contact form below, the video is absolutely free with no obligation.