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Retail Leasing

Commercial and retail leases are among the most complex and negotiable contracts affecting the bottom line of most businesses. Baybridge has extensive experience in all aspects of commercial and retail leasing with many years of dedicated involvement in representing business owners in the preparation, negotiation and entering into lease agreements. As a team we have acted for both commercial tenants and landlords in drafting lease documentation, negotiating leases, enforcing the terms and conditions of a lease and representing clients in disputes between tenant and landlord.

We can assist you with review, preparation and negotiation of commercial and retail leasing including subleases and licence to occupy arrangements, lease transactions including transfer, variation and surrender, retail lease legislation advice and compliance, lease dispute resolution and litigation.

Lease Reviews

Reviewing a lease can be overwhelming and complicated and our experienced leasing team is there to ensure that you know your rights and obligations before entering into a lease. We understand that the leasing language can be daunting and confusing so let us take the guess work out for you. Baybridge will review the terms of your lease and provide you with recommended changes. Our experts will be there to discuss these terms so that you are confident you are making the right decision with your lease.

Baybridge Lawyers also has extensive experience in negotiating the terms of a lease with the landlord so that they are favourable for our clients. We ensure that our clients feel supported and informed throughout the leasing process.

Our Services Range


Advising on and negotiating amendments to maintenance, make good and remediation obligations


Reviewing ancillary documents including licence agreements, assignments, lease surrenders, and Fit Out Contribution Deeds


Managing your business’ commercial and retail leasing portfolio.


Subleases and licence to occupy arrangements


Lease transactions including transfer, variation and surrender


Retail lease legislation advice and compliance


Lease dispute resolution and litigation

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“Audi Australia were looking for experts who could advise us and work with our legal department in connection with franchising. Baybridge have made us feel confident with their precise and prompt attention and high level of professionalism. We would highly recommend them to any corporate or in-house lawyers looking for a strong and experienced team.”

Eric Louca

General Counsel, Audi Australia

Our franchising lawyers have assisted many franchisees across the country negotiate the best deal possible and advise them of their obligations under the applicable documents. In fact some of our franchisee clients have built considerable wealth and businesses over the years and in some cases transitioned to being a franchisor.
In addition to the front end representation we have also been successful in assisting franchisees resolve dispute either via mediation or in the Courts.
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