Your WordPress Template Might Be Destroying Your Website Search Engine Optimisation!

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for  “Search Engine Optimisation”, which is the process of optimising your website so it can be found by search engines and getting “free” traffic from search engines such as Google and Bing.

It normally involves optimising your website which includes placing keywords (words to rank for) in strategic locations on your website, structuring your website, creating internal links, sitemaps, etc.  The process will lead to getting your website indexed and found by Google. Once this stage is reached then the competition begins to be listed on the first page of Google.

Web Design for Search Engine Optimisation Success

After analysing more than 500 websites using our Free SEO Analysis Tool the Number ONE issue with most website SEO is the choosing the wrong WordPress Theme.

Most website owners opt to purchase prebuilt theme to build their websites. You know the themes found on Themeforest. It make the process of building a website much easier. The problem with many of these themes is that they are not Search Engine Optimised or require plenty specialised work to optimise the website. The other issue that we have found is the inflexibility of most themes – adding extra features, rearranging elements etc. can be a big challenge.

The Most Common Keywords Websites Accidentally Try to Rank for

  • “About Us”
  • “Home”
  • Their phone number
  • Their Logo
  • Images

Why does this occur?

Headings is an essential part of SEO ranking. A common website design shortcut is to make elements such as Phone Numbers styled as H1 (Heading 1)  to make the text bigger. Google Search engine normally uses Content in Headings to rank for.

It is important to “leave clues” for the Google search engine to rank for.  Better headings would be “Our Tax Accounting Services” , “Our Fringe Benefit Tax Expertise” instead of “Our Services”. It will give Google clues of what to rank your website for.

Case study – We recently conducted an SEO audit for a medical website design and we found
No H1, Generic Headings, Images marked up as headings

Improving Website SEO Case Study

Before Website SEO Rebuild

After Website SEO Rebuild

Case Study – Improving Website SEO

This is one of our clients. They came to Netology after trying unsuccessfully with another SEO company and Adwords company, nothing was working and money was going down the drain. The business went from No Leads to a Steady Stream of Leads Every Week.  So these are some of the things that Netology did to make this happen, to improve their SEO and Adwords.

SEO Improvement Action Plan

Keyword Research and SEO Strategy – we quickly found they were trying to rank for the wrong keywords
Rebuilt their website for SEO – Netology migrated their website to a WordPress Template Builder to improve the website SEO.
Blocked traffic from “bots” – Bots occur more often from bad website links. A lot of traffic was from “paid links” is automated from foreign websites. My question is how link from a Russian or Indian website relevant to a driving school in Brisbane Australia?. Yes it creates more traffic, but it is also “fake traffic”.

Website SEO Fix Results – Find Out How We Did

Start ranking for relevant termsFirst page of Google for “driving school petrie”, Top 10/15 for the keyword “driving school north brisbane” and “driving lessons north brisbane”
Reduce bounce rate from 72% to 6%. Bounce rate indicates user engagement, lower the bounce rate the better. A HUGE improvement!
Steady stream of Leads – A combination of modest Adwords budget and SEO created a steady stream of leads.
A Website that works for SEO, Mobile Friendliness, Engagement – you can see that pageviews went from 670 to 1358 (almost twice as much for almost the same number of website sessions. The content did not change but the migration to the new template allowed for Much Better SEO and User Engagement.  As you can see we hardly changed the look and feel. Just used better technology.

Netology 5 Star ResultFrom our first contact with Nick from Netology, I was impressed with his professional approach to business. He was also interested to take us on board as a client being the only driving school in Brisbane he will have.

He gave us a very good price for the complete SEO and Add words campaign, being sensitive to financial struggles at the time. From the word go it was clear to me that he knew what he was doing with SEO and was willing to do what he could to help us improve our Google ratings. He also keeps up with the changes from Google and advises us accordingly.

We look foreword to a continued good relationship for some time to come. I can highly recommend Nick from Netology to anyone who is looking for SEO work

David Mckerrell

Owner, Universal Driving School

Website Search Engine Optimisation Services

You should be aware of different types of website SEO Services.

  1. On Page SEO – Maximise the chance of your website being Indexed by search engine. The service can also include other discipline such as improving the quality of web copy for engagement purposes and to reduce bounce rate, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation), Tag building, etc,
  2. Off Page SEO – Activities such as creating links, business directory listing, Google Maps, Google My Business and Youtube. Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords). You need specific SEO Techniques for each medium to produce maximum results.
  3. Social – Establishing social pages on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

Netology Website Optimisation Services

Netology is a specialist in website optimisation. We have assisted large and small companies fix their technical performance such as Speed, Design, Conversion Rate Optimisation. Normally included in our website optimisation strategy is to fix the technical issues first we address issues such as

  1. Backup and Restore (we do this before we commence any work)
  2. WordPress Plugin selection/updates
  3. Templates
  4. Colours, Layout and fonts
  5. Forms and Mail logging
  6. Security
  7. Speed and web hosting
  8. Integration with services such as Mail Responders (Get Response, Active Campaign, MailChimp, Aweber and Infusionsoft)
  9. Social Media Integration

After the technical issues are all resolved we can then maximise the website search engine optimisation.

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