• Use the Calendar and to choose the best date and time
  • We will send you Zoom meeting link on meeting confirmation
  • Please be ready to share your screen during the meeting, be logged into your Adwords Account before the meeting starts,  so we can be time efficient.
  • You can invite another guest


For The Best Zoom Experience

  • Use a Laptop/PC or Mac 
  • Be prepared to share your screen so I can see your Ads account if you have chosen to to pass on your 10 Digit Ad Account Number
  • Use earphones (old fashion plugin ones work best) to prevent the sound output from your PC speakers echoing back into the Microphone during the call.
  • Option – try to use an external Microphone, If you are using an external webcam they often have a built-in mics. 
  • Be prepared to show you face (Virtual meetings are always better face-to-face)
  • Make sure you have good internet during the meeting