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Our Free SEO checker will instantly scan your website and produce a Free SEO Analysis Report. Find out why your website is not ranking and see how your website issues can be fixed. 

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Use this web traffic calculator to estimate how much traffic your website needs to become profitable. Calculate how many customers your website will generate.

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Free Local SEO Audit

Find out why your business is not showing up for local searches. See if you can get listed in the local “3-pack” which is one of the easiest way to appear on the first page of Google searches.

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Find out how efficient your AdWord Spend is!. Improving your keyword quality score is the best way to improve your AdWords Return On Adspend without increasing your budget which makes your dollar go further.


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We are White Hat Search Engine Optimization Specialists


Complete SEO Services There are a lot of ways to rank a website on Google. Some methods involve sending thousands of links and “visitors” to your website – you might have seen these services via email from an overseas provider or fixed fee freelancer agencies. The problem with these methods attracts long-term issues for your Website SEO and your business will suffer as a consequence. Netology is locally based in Sydney providing SEO Services. Web Design and Digital Marketing Services. Most of our customers call us to sort out issues with their website. We have helped businesses generate thousands of dollars after the improvements. We have been able to place websites on Page #1 of Google using proven techniques. All our techniques are all white-hat based and yield long-term results.

Local Search Service

Local Search Services

We are located in Australia. We have a proven system to list you in a number of business directories and have your Google Business listing climb up the ranks. We can get you found in your local area with Google My Business and Maps.

Proven Performance

Website Ranking Services

We have ranked a number of websites on page 1 of Google Search. We have proven, well structured method to rank websites organically, which will move your website ahead of your competitors in Google rankings.

Local SEO

White Hat SEO Techniques

Google is constantly closing SEO Loopholes such as Panda. We keep on top of the algorithm changes and we are constantly refining our techniques to make sure your website will rank naturally.

Website Design That Performs

We Fix and Re/Design Websites


We transform poor performing websites into websites that performs. There are a lot of websites designed with no SEO, Lead Gen or E-commerce strategy. Depending on the situation, we fix, re-design or start a new design. We start from where most web developers stop –  Optimization, Functional Fitness, Security, Analytics, Conversion Design and User Interface. We take a Webmasters and Optimization approach. With these extra features, the website transform from a bunch of images and text to becoming a business generating asset. Here is a sample of our recent results:

  • Created Mobile-Friendly Websites
  • 30% faster load times for a major education website
  • From No phonecalls TO a steady stream of phonecalls
  • From Minimal e-Commerce sales TO thousand of dollars worth of sales
  • From Paperwork/Email nightmare TO instant ticket sales with automatic confirmation
  • From Constant “break-fix” of existing features TO Constant “stable new features” to serve customers better
Local SEO

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Did you know nearly 50% of all traffic is generated by Mobiles? If your website is NOT Mobile Friendly, Google will restrict your website listing on mobiles and give preferences to your competitors websites. We make website Mobile-Friendly.

Proven Performance

Website Design

To start ranking websites you need a good foundation, we start from where most web developers stop. We optimize your website for better ranking, better structure, make it high converting, correctly install all Google tools and make it mobile friendly.

Local SEO

Ecommerce Optimization

We are experts in setting up WooCommerce and Shopify. We fix and build websites on these platforms. We can make sure that your Ecommerce is built to work with the appropriate security, SEO, features, reporting and optimization.

Essential Digital Marketing Services

Technical Marketing That Works in the Digital World


Marketing got technical. Website Analytics, Content Marketing, Re-Marketing, Squeeze Pages, Display Networks, Social marketing etc. keep evolving and becomes more specialised. The biggest problem most business face is keeping up and having  access to digital marketing expertise and resources. The correct digital marketer will setup your web and advertising analytics correctly, create content that ranks, help with advertising online effectively and efficiently, coordinate social media, structure electronic email etc.

The digital marketer is like having a Chief Operating Officer for your digital space while you look after your business. We have helped businesses generate and rank content and manage their activities such as newsletter emails, Facebook pages and posts, identify opportunities and provide advice on online advertising. We work with a number of businesses to be their part-time resource. We are Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certified which are great foundation qualifications for Digital Marketing.

Web Analytics

Website Analytics

Most Google Web analytic accounts have been setup incorrectly. We know, because we have had to fix so many of Google Analytics Account setup incorrectly by non-certified personnel. The result is an incomplete insight to your website. Contact us for a free review.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising

We are an Accredited Google Partner because we have passed the required exams, adhere to stringent practices and demonstrated consistent perfomance. We know how to minimize spend while maximizing returns. We the expertise to setup, manage and optimize your Adwords.  

Email Direct Marketing

Email Direct Marketing

Email Direct Marketing – can be a time-consuming task for most businesses. But who else is a better market to than your existing contacts and customers. We manage a number of EDM accounts for our clients by co-developing content and managing their campaigns.