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AdWords Consulting

AdWords Consulting

We Help Companies Get Better Results From AdWords

⦿ Improve AdWords quality score to lower your Cost Per Click

⦿ Continuous Improvements to Campaign Setting, Keywords, Ad Groups and Ads

⦿ Get better results using better knowledge – with advanced Adwords education we can get better results

Improve AdWords Quality Score

The screenshot of one of our client accounts is very “exciting” (at least for us). It shows High Click Through Rate (CTR), High Quality Score and High Ad Position as a result. Also we got our client a Discounted Cost Per Click (CPC), all because we worked hard on getting a Better Quality Score.

http://searchengineland.com AdRank

You can SAVE 15-50% on Ad Spend by improving quality score.



Continuous Improvement to AdWords

Managing Adwords should never be set and forget. There are so many adjustments that can be made on a continuous basis:

  • Search terms,
  • Device used,
  • Time of Day.
  • Ad Auctions,
  • Negative keywords,
  • Bid strategies.

Typically we are continually refining keywords, building negative keywords, seeking new opportunities, improving and developing new ads.

Build a Adwords system that will give you a competitive advantage against your competitors, have it pay for itself and constantly generate leads and revenue for your business.


Better Results with AdWords Education

Anyone can create an AdWords Campaign but the real results comes with advanced AdWords knowledge and techniques. Acquiring these skills can be acheived through education and practice.

At Netology we are always advancing our skills through Google Adwords Education and bein part of the Google professional community. Just like a Accountant with a CPA can maximize your tax return, a Google AdWords Certified Professional can maximize your Adwords system.

Our Adwords Consulting practice is continually investing in education and tools to help our clients.

We will immediately “stop the leaks” in your adwords and improve your cost per click and increase your Click Through Rate (CTR).


We can save up to $400/month on a $1500/month spend by improving the quality score and increase the CTR  at the same time for much better results.




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